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Suzhou Food and Restaurants

    Deyuelou Restaurant

Enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad thanks to the movie "Satisfied Or Not",the Deyuelou Restaurant,located in the busiest downtown center of the delicacy street of Taijian Lane,is a Chinese catering store renowed both inside and outside the
county and one of national ten-excellence restaurant.Founded in the years under Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty,it has a history of over 400 years and has been mainly engaged in Suzhou cuisine dishes,with "beauty Xi Shi enjoying looking at the moon","honey flavored braised ham",etc. being among its well-known dishes.

Jade goose boat refreshments

Deyuelou's building ,of primitive simplicity and with a view in every step,is of the quintessence of Suzhou garden architecture being one of the ten major building in Suzhou.


Address:27 Taijian Lane,Guanqiang Street or 8 Tanjian Lane,Guanqian Street

Telephone:(0512)65226969 or (0512)65222230

    Wangsi Restaurant

Originally located at the foot of Mount Yushan,it was initially built in the 13th year under Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (the year 1887).Weng Tonghe,Emperor Guangxu's teacher,once tasted the sweet-osmanthus flower wine of the

Beggar's chicken

restaurant,and wielded this writing brush to write the inscription of “Weeding with a hoe on a belt footpath,and leaving dew for fermenting the yellow flower”. And its “beggar's chicken” and “duck blood glutinous rice” are famous dishes with special flavor.

Address:23 Taijian Lane,Guanqian Street

Telephone:(0512) 65227277

    Songhelou Restaurat

Named in the meaning of living as long as the pine (song) and crane (he),it is a "National Special Grade Restaurant" and a "Time-honored Store in China".Founded in the years under Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty,it has a history of over 200 years,with its image being displayed in the movies of "Satisfied Or Not","The Gourmet" and

Jadite shrimp meat pocket

Japanese film "China's Essential Secrets"and the restaurant itself being reputed as the "First Restaurant of Suzhou Cuisine".And its classical well-known dishes of "squirrel mandarin fish" and "Gusu pot-stewed duck" won the medals of "Gold Tripod Prize","Chinese Famous Snack",etc,respectively.

Address:18 Taijian Lane,Guanqian Street


    Xinjufeng Restaurant

Founded in the 30th year under Emperor Guangxu in

Auspicious dragon mandarin fish

the Qing Dynasty (the year 1904),it was named “Jufengyuan” originally and renamed Xinjufeng in 1940,being a famous Suzhou cuisine restaurant and a “Time-honored Store in China”.Adhering to carring on the tradition to develop Suzhou cuisine dishes,under the promotion of the old-brand renowned dish of “whole duck prepared in mother oil”,there are newly-developed famous dishes of “eight-treasure bottle-gourd duck”,”homely prepared wild duck” and so on with only ducks as main ingredients.Among the dishes best

Plain quick-fried fish slices

received by famed actors of Suzhou-dialect storytelling and ballad-singing as well as old tourists from Suzhou and Shanghai are original-juice and original-taste Suzhou cuisine dishes such as “sauté shrimp meat”,”mandarin fish in white juice” and so forth.

Address:11 Taijian Lane,Guanqian Street


    Chuanfulou Restaurant

Located in Bifeng Lane,Guanqian Street,it is a Sichuan-culture feature restaurant.Its interior is decorated in a heavy garden style of the Shu Han Kingdom time,with all its boxes built in its own style in the popular in Western Shu”.The dishes prepared by famed Sichuan cuisine chefs

Zi Yang local chicken

will make you truly realize what the “one dish one style and a hundred dishes presenting a hundred tastes” is ,instead of their being only tingling and hot well go there to have a try of their feature dishes of fish head in red soup,Chuan Fu prawns and so forth.

Address:1 Bifengfang Lane


    Dahongyun Restaurant
    Guibinlou Grand Restaurant
    New Bacilica Grand Restaurant
    Lights of A Myriad Families
   New Tongtianfu Restaurant
     Old Suzhou Tea and Wine Restaurant
    Nankai Restaurant
    Lakefood Restaurant
    Mountain View Garden Restaurant
   Yuanwailou Restaurant
   Changshu Yucheng Grand Restaurant



Squirrel mandarin fish







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